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        26 November 1942: Formed at Fort Kobbe, C.Z.

        27 December 1942: Balance of battalion sails from Newport News aboard USS Joseph T. Dickman to join nucleus from 501st at Kobbe.

        13 May 1943: Battalion put on alert for possible drop on Martinique.

        20 August 1943: 550th and 551st leave Panama for States.

        8 September 1943: 550th and 551st arrive at Camp Mackall

        October 1943: LTC Graves replaces LTC Joerg.

        16 February 1944: Tragic night jump at Mackall; 8 die.

         March 1944: LTC Joerg replaces LTC Graves.

        23 April 1944: Battalion departs Norfolk for Italy.

        23 May 1944: Battalion arrives in Naples.

        June 1944: Camp Wright, Trapani, Sicily, and more training.

        July 1944: Battalion moves to Lido di Roma, near Rome.

        15 August 1944: Operation Dragoon: The Invasion of Southern France.

        17 August 1944: Draguignan falls

        29 August 1944: Battalion enters Nice

        4 September 18 November 1944: Maritime Alps

        8 December 1944: Battalion moves to Laon, France.

        16 December 1944: Germans begin offensive in the Ardennes.

        19 December 1944: Battalion leaves Laon for the Ardennes

        21 December 1944: Battalion arrives in Werbomont, Belgium. Snow begins to fall in the Ardennes.

        27 December 44: Night assault of Noirefontaine

        3-8 January 1945: Intense combat in the St. Jacques/Dairomont/Rochelinval area.

        9 January 1945: Battalion withdrawn from combat.

        10 February 1945: Battalion officially disbanded and its personnel reassigned, most to units in the 82nd Airborne Division.