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The Ranger Diamond Patch

by Dave Kaufman


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Many collectors have seen numbered (from 1 to 15), diamond-shape RANGERS patches offered for sale. The example that I use to illustrated these patches is a reproduction, and a poor one at that. Don't let that distract you from this fact: These numbered patches were never worn, not even the US-made ones.  

The US-made versions were produced prematurely after some patch manufacturers learned of the Army's plan to organize 15 Ranger Infantry Companies (not battalions) during the Korean War. The 15 companies were activated over a period of about six months beginning in August 1950, and by August 1951, for a variety of reasons, all had been inactivated.  The patches these Rangers preferred to wear, with some exceptions, were red-and-white-on-black scrolls similar to those of the Ranger battalions of WW II. (For more information on these Ranger companies and their insignia, go to the Ranger Companies link at the left.)