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The material relating to insignia of the OSS that was posted here in the past is being expanded and incorporated into a book that will be of interest to collectors of military insignia, especially, and to anyone with an interest in the OSS:


Insignia and Uniforms of the Office of Strategic Services 1942-1945 by Troy Sacquety and Les Hughes

In writing this book, the authors are drawing on extensive archival research, the first-hand accounts of OSS veterans, a large number of unpublished photographs, and material from several important collections of OSS artifacts. In addition to illustrating and discussing the most extensive collection of OSS-related insignia ever to appear in print, the authors will address the many spurious items with which collectors must contend. It is the intention of the authors, each of whom holds a PhD, to provide collectors with a well-researched, authoritative resource that will aid them in separating fact from fiction and from speculation.

Individuals with material they wish to be considered for inclusion in the book may contact the authors at the link below (use "Material for OSS Book" as the email's subject). Please include a description of the material and its provenance, and attach pertinent images.

Publication is tentatively planned for late 2017. Check here for updates and details.


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