The Alamo Scouts

by Les Hughes

© by author 1986



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In essence, this is an article that appeared in the April-June 1986 issue of The Trading Post, the quarterly magazine of the American Society of Military Insignia Collectors. That article would not have been possible without the support and generous assistance of the Alamo Scouts Association and its Director, the late Col. Robert S. Sumner, who was instrumental in gathering information regarding the Scoutsí wartime activities and disseminating it via the Associationís newsletter. 

In updating this material, I have benefited from the work and the generosity of Lance Zedric and Russ Blaise. While the Scouts have been the subject of a number of magazine articles, from as early as 1944, it was not until the publication, in 1995, of Mr. Zedricís book, Silent Warriors of World War II, that a comprehensive history of the unit was available.  Mr. Blaise, the son of an Alamo Scout, has constructed a website ( that is a treasure trove of information and photographs relating to the Scouts, and he has been generous in making that material available to me. 

Because of the length of the material that follows, I have divided it into two sections: One dealing the the history of the Alamo Scouts; the other with its sleeve insignia.

History of the Alamo Scouts

The Alamo Scouts Sleeve Insignia